Immagine testa phema eng…consultans  in designing solutions

Founded in 1985, Phema, for more than 30 years, is a leader in the design and documentation of electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic systems related to automatic machines and industrial plants.

The knowledge and skills, accumulated over the years, allow the company to meet customer needs, complementing and integrating its internal structures or replacing them. Phema offers a high quality service, without affecting  customer’s  know-how.
Phema is the ideal partner in finding solutions, both in design and in construction ; the final customer can choose its own constructor, who will assemble the final product.
Thanks to its highly flexible structure and to the high specialization in the use of CAE system, Phema is able to take over the amount of work provided by the customer without employing external resources.

To meet the growing demands of the market and its customers, Phema has progressively expanded its skills and services: today is able to offer not only electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic design of automatic machines, but also technical and organizational consultancy.
Thanks to a practical approach and the experience gained in different market sectors, Phema supports its Customers in finding the most effective solutions to the problems and challenges of the market.

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