Phema style

Using the experience gained over time, we aim to serve our customers. We create lasting relationships in order to ensure the achievement of concrete results and to provide assistance in the implementation of the proposed solutions.

What distinguish Phema

The ability to integrate CAD design with technical-organizational consultancy is distinctive. These two services are not unrelated to each other, but complementary: we aim to be consultants in the design of solutions. Our activity is guided by the desire to offer quality services.

Phema offer


      • Development of process diagrams  – P&ID (Piping and Instrumentation Diagram), describing the functionality of a controlled installation.
      • Documentation of electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic systems, according to customer requirements.
      • Realization of the wiring diagram starting from the data supplied during the conception and design phase.

The orders are made with a large number of CAD available and in close collaboration with the customer. Customization of products is carried out according to specific needs. We also carry out translations of texts with the help of native speakers.


Technological innovations’ study is direct to improve products and productive process of the customers. Project of research and development are grown in cooperation with prestigius italian Athenaeums,  so Phema works as connection between research and market, in other words it combines theoretical innovation and  technological progreses to contingent needs.


The consulting activity is developed alongside customers to find the most effective solutions in response to market changes and to easily identify opportunities and risks.

  • Consultancy technical-organisational: reorganization service, complementary to the co-design, aimed at simplifying and optimizing processes, through:
    1. Analysis of technical-productive company reality
    2. Company reorganization
    3. Development of SW modules to interface management system (SAP, BAN, Oracle) and CAD / CAE system
  • Consultancy to optimise CAD/CAE: The know-how acquired in these years allows Phema specialists to support the customer in the targeted and conscious use of the CAD / CAE tool, adapting its use to the type / entity of / of the project, improving its structure and making it more flexible.
  • Consultancy and customization for POS software: the POS (Phema Option Selector) is a software that allows you to select or deselect project parts, making it easy to create wiring diagrams starting from standard configurations of machines or plants. Facilitates the identification of inconsistencies and can be interfaced and integrated with company information processes. From the POS derive the constructive design, but also the bill of materials on which to base the production cycle.
  • Consultancy and customization of MyPro software: MyPro (Manage Your Projects) is a software module that covers the role of interface between orders acquired through company management and POS software. MyPro facilitates and speeds up the POS task, making integration between the order and production of the whole documentation related to the project more efficient. In addition, MyPro can be integrated into organizational planning by relying on the corporate Gantt.

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