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Unified for a common result: satisfy the customer

For the purposes of give a complete service in the way of electrical documentation, Phema drew up synergy relationship with societies make complementary tasks


The noun “b-sm@rk”  comes out from “be smiley@work”, this slogan. created by us, aspires to look for personal satisfy on job. We are frontline to lever on the experience of our employers and we take on to help busineses and the organisation  to increase their HRM. We teach to handling systems with our innovative services.

All the wordl’s brand would have loyal costumers. To reach it, we think we have to create an high level of  intimacy with our costumers and become constant to offer an high satisfaction at the customer. This mean compriend who are our customers, their personalities and subjectivity, what they think and buy, their priority.


EUCLIDE born from the desire to unite take on and competence matured in decades of  activities carried out. Interpreting in the best way the customers’ needs and fulfill a the increasing ask of problem solving.
Euclide pays a lot of attention, which integrated whit the knowledges, is applaied by highly qualified person tied in the field of engineering.


Archimede was born with the objective to supply planning and organisational solution, like union of  know how,  training and consultancy. Archimede’s key to success is the skill to create interdisciplinary work teams, arranged of  highly qualified partners that are able to produce excellent solution for the customers.


Imagine is a Reliable partner for the full range of linguistic consulting services to companies and count on qualified and specialized personnel to manage the communication with foreign countries.
Imagine takes care oh the style of a company, by customizing it needs, even more specific: the house staff, consisting of 15 people, manages and oversees an extensive national and international network of native translators freelance, highly qualified professionals, who have always operated with the ‘abroad’ and have all the tools necessary for the complete management of documentation in the language.

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