Vignola Auris Library: an event of research, opportunities, innovation

Phema has taken part to the presentation about “Research, Opportunities and Innovation”, organized inside the “Auris” library in Vignola, which had as target the research, thanks to the intervention of relevant political and economical figures, for new development occasions for Italian enterprises. Phema thanked the organization that organize “In Making” project and The Union of Castles Land.

Important representative people has taken part to this event:

  • Hon. Laura Garavini, promoter of PRIME law proposal, whose aim is supporting “Italian brains” return and the internalization of Italian research system;
  • Hon. Alessia Mosca, promoter of “Controesodo” project;
  • Hon. Giancarlo Muzzarelli, councilor of Emilia Romagna at Production’s activities and Green Economy;
  • Hon. Enzo Madrigali, Democenter Director;
  • Hon. Paolo Bonaretti, Aster Director of Emilia Romagna and President of Spinner 2013;
  • Hon. Andrea Segrè, the President of Agrarian University;
  • Hon. Alessia Pesci, the referent of LAG Social Cooperative Young Politics.

In its speech, Phema has exposed the reasons about the decision to take part to “In Making” project: it agrees with its aim to develop young degreed insertion in work world and, at the same time, it shows the necessity to bring a resource with up-dated knowledge who will promote the company’s growth. Then, thanks to this project, the institutions will be nearer to companies’ real needs.The event was an opportunity for discussing about the need of “Italian brains return” in Country’s structures, to promote a stronger union between “Training-Work”, and more investments in human capital, with reference to young resources which will represent the “institutional” interface between the enterprise and the university.

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