Ten-year excellent enterprises

Phema, as 2007 excellent enterprise, took part to the event “Best Practice Award” at Villa Guastavillani in Bologna. Phema won inside the section “Value for system”, as it is an admirable example of respect for the ecosystem.

A lot of people of importance took part to the Convention: Prof. Ilario Favaretto; Prof. Enzo Rullani, a Professor of the Venice International University; Prof. Flavio Bonatti, a professor of Information Engineering Department in Modena. Then, marketing specialists, such as Dr. Fabio Fabbi, a specialist about social media and unconventional marketing, Dr. Nereo Sciutto, the Webranking President. Hon. Gian Carlo Muzzarelli, the councilor of productive activities of Emilia Romagna and Dr. Paolo Govoni, the President of Emilia Romagna CNA. Some of the subjects examined were the actual Economical situation and the strategies which the Italian enterprises have to adopt to come out depression.

During this convention the book “51 storie di Successo – Un Decennio di buone prassi manageriali” was introduced. It reports the story of the entrepreneurs who received the award during 10 years of “Excellent Enterprises”. In the book the experience of Phema was reported.

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